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FILDA FILTERS, established in 1987 by Mr. Y.S.Tang, is a professional filter manufacturer and exporter of filters based in Taiwan.

We have built our reputation on our capabilities to offer an extensive range of high-quality filtration products and unmatched customer service. For over 30 years Filda Filters has manufactured products for Automotive, Marine, Small Engine, Heavy-Duty and Agricultural applications. Our product line includes Oil, Air, Cabin, Fuel, Coolant, Transmission, DEF and Hydraulic filters for an array of applications.

Our team strives every day to provide the best customer service and manufacture superb filtration products for our clients.


FILDA FILTERS, is a global supplier of aftermarket filtration products.

At Filda, we believe quality is of the utmost importance, we take every measure to provide reliable high-quality filtration products to all our partners. Whether it is a technical issue, new product development, or other unique situations, Filda is happy to provide the solution. Our manufacturing and testing capabilities allow us the ability to meet or even in many cases exceed our customers' expectations.

We take pride in being a trusted resource to fulfill all of your filter manufacturing requirements. We are here for all your filter needs.

Leading manufacturer of compatible filters

Millions of equipment have benefited from Filda's proven track record for more than 30 years.

In today's world, we are focused more than ever on simplifying the world of filtration for you by searching for new areas of improvement.

ISO9001:2015 certified

Our product quality and performance is backed by data extracted from testing report in line with ISO standard.

Various media choices allow us to offer optimum filter performance for our customers.

The customer is our priority, and we provide a single source solution for all of your needs.